A Touch Of Frost

Rated M

About Series 15

When Frost joins forces with RSPCA Inspector Christine Moorhead in a raid on a brutal dogfight there are unexpected and deadly consequences.

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About Series 14

Inspector Jack Frost reopens an unsolved murder case when the remains of a 14-year-old girl, who went missing 20 years ago, are discovered on a nearby housing development.

About Series 11

Maverick detective Jack Frost returns to work after his suspension to face a complex and disturbing murder case.

About Series 10

While protecting a witness in a safe house, Frost discovers that he has mislaid a winning lottery ticket. This pales into insignificance when a hitman narrowly fails to kill the witness.

About Series 9

The body of an unidentified man is pulled from a reservoir-all clues pointing to homicide. Matters come to a head when a vagrant is brutally assaulted, and it is discovered that there is a psychotic killer on the loose.

About Series 8

Much to his chagrin,Frost is teamed up with DS Reid,and they find themselves working on an unpleasant murder.Frost's detective skills face a tough challenge when he is caught up in a case of mistaken identity.

About Series 7

A local worker plunges to his death and on the same day his home is vandalised. To make matters worse, the Regional Crime Squad Detective, is murdered on Frost's patch and all the evidence points to police corruption.

About Series 3

A young man with Down's Syndrome, Billy Conrad, is the last person to see an eight-year-old girl who is now missing. It becomes clear that he might have something to hide.

About Series 2

In this opening episode, Frost is faced with the death of a police informer on a racially-tense estate.

About Series 1

In this opening episode, whilst investigating the disappearance of a child DI Jack Frost inadvertently digs up a 30 year old skeleton chained to an empty, but locked, strongbox. At the same time Frost is nursing his terminally ill wife.