As Time Goes By

Rated PG

As Time Goes By

Jean is a hardworking widow who runs a secretarial agency with her beautiful, twice-divorced daughter, Judith. Lionel, a divorced ex-army officer and coffee-planter, returns to write an autobiography. When Lionel becomes displeased with the temporary secretary from the agency, Judith tries to placate him and makes such a good impression that he invites her out to dinner. Inevitably, Lionel and Jean meet, with the strangest feeling they have met before. As it turns out, they enjoyed a magical but brief affair before he was posted to Korea. His letter went astray, and she never saw him again - until now. Judith is a romantic and takes an immediate interest in their precarious relationship - but a few obstacles stand in the way. Alistair, Lionel`s trendy young publisher, takes quite a fancy to Jean, and Lionel is not without his own admirers.


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