Being Human

Rated M

Annie remains trapped in "purgatory," where she believes she may be sent to hell soon. With the help of Nina and George, who have taken jobs at a nearby hospital, Mitchell crosses over to "the other side" after a patient dies

With Annie trapped in the afterlife, rescuing her is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Meanwhile, George and Nina settle into the new house and, in another part of time, there are new werewolves on the scene.

When George and Nina discover Adam, a teenage vampire, lapping at his father's vein, they take him into their care. Elsewhere, will Mitchell take up an offer of a ticket to a new life in South America?

The episode's cold open depicts a teenage vampire, Adam being fed blood by his own parents during the 1970s. In the present, Adam and his ailing, elderly father.

On one of her nightly outings, Annie encounters Sasha , a woman who is clearly dead but also corporeal. Sasha follows Annie home, where George, Nina, and Mitchell are stunned to realize Sasha is a zombie.

Annie and Mitchell struggle with how to consummate the physical side of their new love affair, which leads to a threesome with a drunk woman that almost goes terribly wrong. They realise their relationship must remain spiritual

Tom, eager to help Nina, turns up at the house. Mitchell attacks and is especially freaked when he realises Tom is a werewolf. Could the prophecy that he will be killed by a werewolf be about to come true?

George is stunned to discover Herrick is alive. Herrick, though, has no memory of being a vampire. In his mind, he was only recently in Victorian London. Mitchell's gut instinct is to stake him, but Nina is outraged.

The longest Day : Annie, George and Mitchell deal with someone from their past. Meanwhile Nina finds the secret that Mitchell has be hiding in the Attic.

Daddy Ghoul : George gets news of his father, and Mitchell is questioned regarding the box Tunnel 20 murders. Annie seeks to investigate and solve the case and Herrick suffers terrible withdrawal.

George secretly attends his father's funeral but can't believe his eyes when he finds his dad's ghost. George tries to complete what little chores had been left undone to help his father cross over.

Increasingly vexed by Nancy's interference and aware of Herrick's raging bloodlust, Mitchell grants Nancy's requests to see Herrick - letting Herrick feast on Nancy would kill two birds with one stone.

Though the heavens fall: With four werewolves in the house, Mitchell is feeling the pressure. Does one of the nomadic wolves have an ancient score to settle? Meanwhile the police begin to close in.

The Wolf-Shaped Bullet : Nina fights to stay alive, Annie goes back to Purgatory to meet with Lia, and Mitchell allies himself with Herrick to prevent the prophecy from coming true.

We discover what Herrick's plans are now that he's back in black. Mitchell is rescued from prison, but finds himself locked in a cage with George. Will George be the werewolf to kill him, as Lia's prophecy foretold?