Case Sensitive

Rated M

Case Sensitive

Olivia Williams and Darren Boyd star in Sophie Hannah's gripping psychological thriller about love, obsession, trust and betrayal.

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How The Other Half Lives

Music teacher Ruth Blacksmith is desperately in love with Aidan Harper. She met Aidan, a gifted musician, when he came to tune the pianos at her school. So powerful were Ruth’s feelings that she left her husband within three weeks of meeting Aidan.

But Aidan has dark secrets. He tells Ruth that once, a long time ago, he hurt someone – a woman called Mary Trelease. Mary died. Ruth is deeply troubled. She knows the man she loves could never hurt anyone, but she’s worried about his past.

Detective Sergeant Charlie Zailer meets Ruth at a gym class. She’s intrigued when Ruth tells her about a ‘friend’ who thinks her new partner might have a violent past. It’s not long before Charlie decides to look into Ruth’s background.

When Charlie decides to call in at Ruth’s house, she finds a disturbing scene. Ruth’s ex-husband, Jason Blacksmith, has been murdered.

Charlie and Detective Simon Waterhouse investigate the case and find themselves divided over motives and suspects. Ruth seems genuinely shocked and upset when she finds out about Jason’s murder. Aidan professes his innocence, yet doesn’t have an alibi.

Is Aidan a violent man? Did he murder Jason Blacksmith? And who was Mary Trelease?

Sat Apr 26 at 11:30 PM

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