Getting On

Rated MA

"There have been some changes on ward B4; Kim has been on a retraining course following the incident with Hilary, who's been on a self appraisal journey which has seen him lose weight but still not accept Kim's apology."

"A new admission brings new problems. Peggy, admitted from a local care home, shows signs of bruising but she has dementia and it's not clear who is to blame for her injuries."

"Kim looks forward to a quiet few hours, but when Den arrives it's not long before a full blown row erupts. Meanwhile, Pippa is treating a patient who gives her pause for thought about her own dwindling fertility."

Hilary's Icing the Cake initiative is spreading, but not always successfully. Meanwhile, Pippa has a lunch appointment with Peter while Den and Hilary have a difficult matter to deal with.

A graduate nurse drives a wedge between Den and Kim, and Hilary's elaborate new hand washing protocols hardly help matters. Meanwhile, Pippa suffers the indignity of re-applying for her own job.

Nurse of the Year time at King Edward's sees Den pushing the boat out, little wonder Kim has unwisely banked on her annual assessment with Nurse Flixter being a formality with a modest pay rise in the bank.