Rated PG

Peter helps a young man, recently back from Iraq, seek compensation from the army for his injuries, while Lyle helps a young woman fight sexual discrimination from the same army unit.

Crop circles have started appearing around Markey Shipborough and the sci-fi community are abuzz. But how is this connected to the series of pub quiz Peter has organised?

Peter tries to help a mother and daughter, on separate sides of the animal testing debate. Meanwhile, he tries to live down Beatrice earning money by operating a sex line out of his office.

Judge Harding is a known nightmare and Peter's inarticulate client is up against him on a glum Monday morning. Also, the connection Beatrice has with the judge on the case doesn't make it any easier.

While packing for a well-earned holiday, Peter is rudely interrupted by a camera poking through the window. It's part of a police surveillance system that has Peter worried about the town's privacy.

Despite a stay in hospital, Peter has decided that whatever the tests he's taken are going to bring up, he's perfectly happy to go on being Peter Kingdom and accordingly he buries himself in work.