Little Britain

Rated M

Vicky Pollard and her mates try to order drinks in a pub - YEAH BUT OVER 18 BUT ... Stage hypnotist Kenny Craig uses his powers to win at Scrabble while visiting his mother in hospital - look into my eyes - my eyes!

Mon Apr 28 at 11:10 PM on UKTV

At the hairdresser, Dafydd is horrified to meet the highly camp Ifan and his boyfriend. Horror for Emily too, as she is asked to cover her unmentionables for an x-ray, and Vicki Pollard ends up in court.

Mon May 5 at 11:15 PM on UKTV

Resting thespian Sir Bernard Chumley takes an intense interest in Meals on Wheels for his strangely silent sister Kitty. The Queen is hosting a garden party but Peter André, Royal Correspondent for the BBC, cannot get in.

Mon May 12 at 11:15 PM on UKTV

At a visit to the doctor Vicky Pollard learns to her amazement that she is eight months pregnant. At the office of Theatrical Agent Jeremy Rent, Dennis Waterman rejects a job offer for a remake of Minder.

Mon May 19 at 11:05 PM on UKTV

Vicky Pollard tells her social worker that she's swapped her baby for a Westlife CD. Marjorie is trying to forget about a 1-night-stand with fat-fighter Paul, & Dafydd cancels the gay night - horrified at the good attendance.

Mon May 26 at 11:05 PM on UKTV

Emily gives a broken-down van driver some most unfeminine help. Dafydd is dismayed when barmaid Myfanwy admits that she too is gay, Lou and Andy build a bonfire and then Andy tries a spot of shoplifting.

Tue Jun 3 at 10:40 PM on UKTV

At the newsagent, Daffyd Thomas is astounded to discover that someone has bought his copy of Gay Times. Andy insists on wearing his Smurf outfit to a smart Chinese restaurant.

Sat Jun 7 at 2:00 AM on UKTV