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About Series 6

Lovejoy uses a dud cheque as a bridging loan, but the deal falls through and he is in trouble.

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About Series 5

Lovejoy becomes involved in returning a stolen antique to its rightful owner, the Queen.

About Series 4

Homeless, broke and frustrated, Lovejoy is down but not despondent.

About Series 3

Lovejoy returns to Felsham after a long break in Spain. He quickly seeks out Tinker, who has joined a monastery, Jane, who has a new look, and Eric, now working as a security guard.

About Series 2

Lovejoy is released from an open prison after being wrongly convicted of trading in stolen goods.

About Series 1

As a "divvie", Lovejoy is a dealer with a special talent for guessing the real value of antiques. Unfortunately, he doesn't always divine the dangers that lurk in a cunning and greedy trade.