Moses Jones

Rated MA

Moses Jones

A wave of terror runs through the immigrant community of London when the body of a man is pulled out of the river Thames with his arms and legs sewn back onto his torso. First appearances suggest a witchcraft killing. But the dark reality is more complicated – and even more frightening.

Assigned to the case are DS Dan Twentyman and disgruntled DI Moses Jones, seconded from Scotland Yard because of his links the local community. Both men are at a loss as to whether to put the mysterious death down to ritualistic murder, terrorism, organised crime or the work of a lunatic.

Confronted by a wall of silence, Jones and Twentyman become increasingly confused as they grapple with the various complexities. All roads lead to the Afrigo Club, where king pin band leader Solomon plays with his band.

As the search deepens, the violence escalates and the investigation grinds to a halt. But one name crops up again and again – a mysterious godfather figure rumored to have both terror links and supernatural powers.

Forced to ask himself tough questions about his own sanity, Moses Jones embarks on a frightening quest to track down his man and redeem himself before the community implodes… and the killer strikes again.

The murder case becomes personal for Moses as he is compelled to investigate his own cultural identity and slowly finds himself feeling more aligned to this community than he’d ever believed possible…


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