New Tricks

Rated PG

About Series 9

"Jack Halford announces he's quitting UCOS. As the team try to figure out why, they receive a case from Stephen Fisher about an unsolved murder dating back 160 years."

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About Series 8

Detective Inspector Sandra Pullman is back heading up her team of retired detectives, Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing, who don’t always do things by the book, but always get results. This series, the team is up against drug barons, hit and runs and come face to face with some actual fossils while investigating the death of a palaeontologist. With the usual mix of superb characters, intriguing storylines and sharp dialogue, New Tricks never fails to keep viewers hooked. These ex-coppers are nowhere near retirement.

About Series 7

UCOS reinvestigate the death of a wealthy financier when a psychic tells the dead man's daughter that she needs to resolve some unfinished business on her father's behalf.

About Series 6

UCOS faces a difficult dilemma when Brian Lane is forced into rehab. But while overcoming his alcoholism, Brian learns the clinic has some demons of its own.

About Series 5

Jack Halford confronts his nemesis when Ricky Hanson stands trial for his attempted murder. The team uncover a shady organ donor racket while reinvestigating the murder of a wealthy businessman.

About Series 4

Hell-bent on avenging his wife's death, Jack Halford is prepared to risk everything to kill the man responsible. Det Supt Pullman has to act fast as she realises the dangerous situation Halford is in.

About Series 3

The case of Nancy Murray, who died at the wheel of her husband's prized sports car, five years ago is reopened.

About Series 2

Strickland, the new boss in charge of UCOS, has asked the team to look into the death of David Barrie, a top barrister. Barrie's body was found, bound and gagged, in his car in 1980.

About Series 1

When Superintendent Sandra Pullman, a rising star for the Police, raids a gang to rescue a kidnapped millionaire, her moment of glory ends in chaos & disaster. Bullets are fired, a dog dies, & she gets a NEW - but OLD assignment.