Rated MA

Reeling after the explosion at the hotel, Section D are left considering the sacrifices they make as spies. But they are soon back in action, tracking Somalian AQ terrorists on a boat from Tangier.

Section D are back, tracking Somalian terrorist on boat carrying lethal load. Team suspect felon and his deadly cargo are bound for Plymouth - just in time for launch of new Royal Navy vessel.

Rookie agent Beth protects an oil baron from a potential assassination attempt but an unexpected ambush threatens to dredge up her mercenary past. Meanwhile, Lucas sees the man who calls him 'John' again.

The pressure is on for Beth when she is tasked with protecting an influential oil baron, when the Team receive intel that an assassination attempt will be made on him at a meeting of top oil dealers.

A rogue nationalist from the ex-Soviet state of Azakstan is in the UK to find the last known sample of the nerve agent "Paroxocybin". Can Section D be able to stop it falling into the wrong hands?

Section D are forced to welcome an FSB Officer onto the Grid to help track down Aibek, a rogue nationalist from the ex-Soviet state of Azakstan.

When a highly skilled trio of Chinese agents arrive in London for 48 hours only, the team must find out why they are here.

When a highly skilled trio of Chinese agents arrive in London for 48 hours only, the team must find out why they are here. Meanwhile, Lucas makes a decision that could see his course change forever.

The US president is on his way to London to chair top secret peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Beth and Dimitri must keep their wits about them as undercover Home Office representatives.

The American President is en route to London to chair secret talks between peace negotiators from Israel and Palestine. But it transpires an assassination attempt is on the agenda.

MI5 agrees to temporarily use the CIA's computer network, Cybershell, after national security is compromised. But Tariq Masood discovers Cybershell has been breached by Russian and Chinese hackers.

The head of the CIA arrives on the grid to oversee the installation of a new US security system. But soon both CIA and MI5 intelligence is at risk when the grid is hacked into and locked down.

Lucas is plunged further into the depths of his past when Vaughn takes his manipulations to a new level. Meanwhile Ruth ends up trapped in a situation not even she could have predicted.

The team face their toughest challenge ever: tracking down Lucas, their Cheif, friend and one of the best agents MI5 has ever had. Harry decides the team are too close and brings in external help.