The Deep

Rated M

The Deep

Far below the Arctic ice, in the deepest, darkest place on Earth, seven men and women are trying to find the solution to the world’s escalating energy crisis. But what if someone, or something, finds them first?

Welcome to the new cold war. As the world’s energy sources dwindle, the huge untapped resources of oil and gas below the Arctic seabed are becoming a source of bitter international conflict. Only one research submersible is allowed in this declared exclusion zone: the state-of-the-art Orpheus, manned by an elite team of scientists and experts from Britain, Russia and the US.

In this political minefield of crushing pressure, towering hydrothermal vents, total darkness and unimaginable danger, they are hoping to find so-called ‘lava bugs’ – remarkable bacteria which could herald a future of clean, green energy for all. But not everyone is as willing to let 10 billion barrels of black gold slip from their grasp. It’s not long before the crew – Frances, the
captain, marine biologists Samson and Maddy, geeky volcanologist Vincent, physicist Svetlana, chief engineer Clem and suspicious last-minute addition Raymond – find themselves in deep trouble, forced to make increasingly desperate decisions that will test their relationships and integrity to the extreme.

For here, more than two kilometres under the surface fighting failing technology and unknown entities, there is no one to say who is friend and who is foe. No one to hear their cries…

This high-octane blockbuster, featuring an international all-star cast, offers non-stop jeopardy, edge-of-yourseat thrills and electrifying special effects.


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