The Great Outdoors

Rated M

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is a single-camera sitcom that invites you to put on your walking boots and explore the countryside, along with the engaging and eclectic
group of characters who make up the local rambling club.

Bob is the organiser of the group – a vain, deluded, tragi-comic figure whose life is unravelling before his eyes. Over the series he gradually loses control of the club until it is wrested from him by new arrival Christine, who also steals his best friend, Tom. Can Bob win his power back?

Meanwhile, Hazel, Bob’s 18-year-old daughter, is being pursued by Victor, a chess-loving geek from school – and to complicate things, Victor is being pursued by Sophie, a stressed 30-something businesswoman seeking some escape from her claustrophobic marriage to Joe, a charming but manipulative freeloader.

For Bob and Christine, each at a crossroads in their life, a small thing like a walking club can take on epic importance. Every episode of The Great Outdoors is a voyage of personal discovery, like a miniature road movie – but with sturdy footwear instead of a car.

Predominantly set outside, and shot handheld, the series effectively puts viewers alongside our walkers as they navigate the highways and byways, providing
plenty of entertainment en route.


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