The Old Guys

Rated M

The Old Guys

From the writers of Peep Show and The Thick of It comes a new comedy about settling into old age with style.

Housemates Tom and Roy may be past their prime, but they are not past fancying women, competing with one another, showing off, squabbling and getting into trouble. They may joke about bus passes and incontinence, but in spirit they are forever young and determined not to join the pipe and slippers brigade.

Series Two finds them still lusting after their sexy neighbour Sally, but now they have a potential rival. Rajan, owner of the local delicatessen, even beats them in the pub quiz, prompting Tom and Roy to join forces against him, but do any of them really stand a chance with their cool, unattainable goddess?

While Tom and Roy put up with each other to avoid a lonely old age, Sally can’t wait to get her son Steve off her hands and is happily encouraging his relationship with Amber, Tom’s feisty daughter. A wedding may even be in the offing, which gives Tom high hopes of getting closer to Sally.

While retaining the edgy humour of the first series, Series Two has even broader appeal by tackling some of the big universal themes. Love, lust, jealousy, loneliness, parenthood, marriage and death are all dealt with in the writers’ distinctive comedic style.

The Old Guys looks set to be that rarest of sitcoms – both critically and commercially successful, cult and populist, singular and yet universal.


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